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Zhejiang Wei machine equipment limited company is engaged in professional research and development of machine tool manufacturing, is a professional manufacturer of universal milling machine, vertical milling machine, drilling machine, horizontal milling machines, turret milling machine technology and detection means complete, is research and development, processing and sales of essential Vita-milling machines, milling machines, CNC milling machine, milling machine, vertical milling machine, universal milling machine, milling machine, drilling machine as one of the leading enterprises. Zhejiang Province quality trustworthy enterprise has been awarded, the contract and trustworthy enterprise, the Zhejiang Administration for industry and Commerce Bureau as "a-class".
the company has established a perfect product to develop, manufacture, market and customer systems, manufacturing base located in domestic tooling, machinery manufacturing, sales, technical support and after-sales service and technology of intensive professional counselling, provide powerful guarantee for product use, not only to provide users with a complete solution, and total users to worry about. Customer credit, machinery manufacturing, mold processing industry old and new customers a wide range of support, recognition and trust. Now with a number of international and domestic machine tool manufacturers and digital control systems manufacturer, machine tool accessories factory and other related manufacturers to establish a cooperative research and development, production, marketing, agent, agent good partnerships.
companies adhere to the "Science and technology enterprises", "quality level" enterprise approach, adhering to the "innovation, quality, integrity and service" business philosophy, "creating value for customers, joint development with user" way, is committed to the international technology, to create well-known brands at home and abroad.

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