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ZX6328A lifting drill press milling machine

ZX6328A lifting drill press milling machine

Main technical parameters of     ZX6328A drilling-milling machine
maximum drilling diameter (mm)    50
face milling width (mm)     100
end mill diameter (mm)    25
maximum tapping diameter      &Nbsp;   M16
distance from spindle nose to worktable (mm) 80-460
spindle speed range (r.p.m)    (LI) 40-1400 (horizontal) 40-1300
spindle stroke (mm)    120
worktable size (mm)    1200x280
Travel of table (mm)    650x300x430
size (mm)     1400x1400x2250
motor power (Kw),    (LI) 1.5/2.2 (horizontal) 2.2
weight (Kg)    1600/1680

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