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Turret milling machine technology

Turret milling machine technology is based on the arrangement of the contents of note follow the law of vocational college students ' cognitive, from theory to practice deep, shallow people, illustrated and easy to understand, set of theoretical teaching, practical training, study guides in one. Turret milling machine control technology for clues, including introduction, hydraulic control, pressure control, electrical control, programmable logic controllers, position detection apparatus, servo system, CNC machine tool control technology for comprehensive training, and so on. On the basis of more practical, and the original content was reduced, and added turret milling machine feed servo and spindle servo device instance, turret milling machine turret milling machine and lathe electrical control circuit design and connect to comprehensive training, and so on. At the time of comprehensive training, according to the school's software and hardware, choose the content you want to teach. Includes: turret milling machine technology basics, turret milling machine for hydraulic drive system of composition, working principle, turret milling machine composition, working principle of pneumatic transmission system, electrical control circuit analysis, series and programmable logic controller and its application, position detection device for NC machine tools, CNC servo system. Integrated training components based on the book, introduction of turret milling machine control technology of integrated applications. Can be used as a secondary vocational school of NC technology application, and other mechanical and electrical specialty of electromechanical technology application materials, can also be used as mechanical and electrical engineering reference books. According to the new program to develop the production line of high quality workers and primary expertise in goal, overall optimization of the knowledge system of the turret milling machine, choose the most basic concepts of NC, working principles and a large number of programming examples, based on curriculum requirements, with easy confidence, less content to enhance students ' learning, stimulates interest in learning. Ability training of the main line, through a typical CNC machine tools and CNC parts content organically, penetrating and tongue, by emphasizing the numerical control system of CNC programming techniques, external characteristics and maintenance of NC machine tools and basic knowledge of practical maintenance, reflecting the practical and broad applicability. Increase of 21st century manufacturing technology, the introduction of new knowledge, broaden students ' horizon, satisfies the different level of economic development of the region or part of the outstanding students ' learning needs. &Nbsp;  turret milling machine and application of mechanical manufacturing and control major national planning teaching materials of secondary vocational education, is based on the current needs of Wang Zhiping editor-in-Chief of CNC machine tool and application of 1th Edition revised on the basis of. Turret milling machine and application of mechanical manufacturing and control Professional includes overview of CNC machine tool turret milling machine processing technology analysis and programming, interpolation principle and calculation, CNC lathe, CNC milling machine and machining center programming, computer numerical control system of mechanical structure, turret milling machine, servo systems and position sensors, experiments and practical training. Turret milling machine and mechanical manufacturing and control can be used as a machinery manufacture and control of teaching materials in secondary VTE schools, but also as a related industry job training or self-study. BACK

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