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Universal milling machine mechanical structure

Introduces Universal milling machine mechanical structure typical of the mechanical structure of the universal milling machine, machining center machine structure and mechanical structure of the CNC wire-EDM machine tool etc. Is an electro-mechanical higher vocational and technical education planning materials, is based on the mechanical industrial electro-mechanical education development center in Beijing for five-year higher vocational education teaching plan and compiling working conference spirit series. Except for the professional outer of NC technology application in higher vocational and technical college, also available for college-related professionals and engineers working in the NC or CNC machine the factory workers of self-learning materials. Universal milling machine programming and machining of machine tools training tutorial series teaching materials of vocational education. Is about NC machine programming and processing of real training tutorial, has two a sharp of features: features one of, explained case has representative, practical strong, and can operation sex strong, around pattern of processing requirements, in analysis parts structure features and processing method of based Shang developed process card, including selection tool and cutting parameter, set artifacts coordinate system and go knife track, calculation basis points coordinates, prepared processing program and simulation and processing. Selected examples in technology has further expanded on the basis of analogy, reader-friendly learning skills. Characteristics of bis, selected examples with complete answers, including CNC lathes, universal milling machine and machining center operator intermediate vocational related qualification should know exercises and sample answers, readers can search and access the China labor and social security Publishing House site, convenient for readers to learn. Teaching materials according to the numerical control specialty in Department of Shanghai Municipal Commission of education curriculum standards and the Shanghai vocational training center for research and development supporting training tutorials universal milling machine. Milling machine tool programming and processing training tutorials series was highlighted in the preparation of teaching materials of vocational education NC professional and related occupations work characteristics, taking into account the requirements of vocational skills appraisal assessment. Contents include: programming methods, the universal milling machine milling machining simulation simulation of processing, milling, universal milling machine and machining exercises. Universal milling machine programming and processing training tutorial series teaching materials of vocational education can be used as, of numerical control specialty in higher vocational colleges teaching materials, but also as a social training course training materials, can also serve as a reference for NC practitioners improve their skills and level of teaching materials. BACK

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