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Vertical drilling machine electrical control

Vertical milling machine electric control is fully reflect the mission guides, practice-oriented curriculum design, penetration into the project, training activities in each project mode, press "look", "practice", "thought" the order, according to the degree of difficulty of the task, combined with professional skills identification requirements to organize activities. Typical component disassembly of machine tool electric control equipment, control circuit load, control circuit troubleshooting activities, such as the introduction of necessary theoretical knowledge, strengthen training, emphasizing the guiding role of theory in practice, leading theoretical knowledge through the practice of learning. Combined with the current level of application of the vertical milling machines, from the application point of view vertical drilling machines and related knowledge are systematically introduced. Introduces the basics of CNC machine tools in the book then introduces the components of NC machine tools: including CNC, CNC machine tools mechanical structure, position detection device and servo system application around the drill. Maintenance experiences of full-time maintenance staff and case, is an encyclopedia of practical fault diagnosis and maintenance of CNC system. Mainly summarizes the common vertical drilling machine NC system and its circuit board diagnostic and maintenance, all maintenance examples of each method. Introduces a variety of typical systems maintenance technology of the vertical milling machine, along with a number of examples. Centralized maintenance examples of CNC machine tools, each instance cited failure, failure and fault handling of ideas and methods. CNC machine users and manufacturers needed practical technical information, can be used as training materials for training CNC system maintenance staff, but also as a tertiary reference on professional teaching. BACK

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